Comparison to other Security Suites

I was wondering how CIS stands up to other security suites and/or standalone apps. I have looked through the forums and read about the AV’s definitions not fully completed (correct me if I’m wrong). How does the AV in CIS compare to an anti virus such as Avira? Another of my major concerns is spyware/adware, etc. Does CIS help defend against this or have scanning capabilities to clean out spyware/adware/etc? Or would I need something else for that?


You can check this out

In order to compare we need to understand whats important for you

Is Protecting you from malware that is important
Detection ratio of an AV product?

The reason I ask is, cos there are different ways to protect you from malware and detection of malware is only one of them and CIS utilises other methods to prevent malware as well as detect malware.