Comparison of Comodo Firewall and Defense+ with avast Internet Security

I usually have AIS as my antivirus + firewall (5.0.590)
I’ve run a Comodo leak test and it made 150/340 (ScreenShot-74).
I thought it was due to the absence of HIPS in avast suite.

Then I run with Comodo Firewall (Safe Mode) and Defense+ (Paranoid mode).
I’ve answered NO to the Defense+ questions.
I surprisingly got 150/340 (ScreenShot-80).

What I’m setting wrong with Comodo Firewall and Defense+?

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when you first run the leak tester it will ask you about unrestricted access to your system, hit sandbox and then block everything from there on.

Ok. I got 340/340.
But now I see that the protection come of the Sandbox and not from the HIPS.
I’ll test avast sandbox then.
Thanks for the prompt help languy.

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Well, I got only 200/340.
I’ll check with avast support guy what can be better.

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Welcome to the Forum, Butykolo.

Can you please provide additional specs on your setup to help us?