Comparing COMODO Forums & COMODO GeekBuddy

:slight_smile: Do yens (all of you) provide support for all things that pertain to Windows PC & Security on this entire forum just like GeekBuddy does? So if I need any help w/ my PC I can come here to this Forum? :slight_smile:

Everytime :slight_smile:

We are all here to help users, this is why users come here.
Our mods and experienced members are very helpful guys :a0

So in summary, COMODO Forums is just like a FREE Version of GeekBuudy, but w/out Remote Assistance?

I did not say this, here is a public forum and there are help sections under every service of Comodo. You can see them on forum main page.
and GeekBuddy gives free support for many times to me when I was recruit fro CIS :wink: