Compare Comodo to competitors in personal info transmission

Here is company that advertizes their intention of honoring privacy:

I see that Comodo is not listed in the AV comparatives report on personal info transmission included in the above link (see “Those interested in AV-C’s full comparative can find it here”).

Since a third party has not reported on Comodo’s personal info transmission, I would like forum member’s reports about Comodo’s results for the table in the AV comparatives report above. Maybe using Wireshark ( software or similar for investigation. I suggest separate ratings (columns in the table) for Comodo’s Internet Security and Firewall-only products.

Lastly, users of Comodo Firewall with a custom ruleset (no automatic rules for Comodo-determined-safe apps) and no automatic program update checks have no need for Comodo to interact over the internet. Can Comodo’s internet access (with Firewall only) be truly disabled?

Edit: AV comparatives direct download link removed.

Most certainly YES!

Please state how you verified this, such as Wireshark. Also, exactly which Comodo settings you used.


A note to the moderators…

In this thread, I am not reporting a bug or asking for help on using a Comodo product. This is feedback about comparison to competitors and about how respectful Comodo is about user’s personal info. Therefore, the News/Announcements/Feedback board is the appropriate one for this thread. Moving this thread to another board will be interpreted as Comodo having something to hide.

Must confess i have not tested recently but you use the setting ‘Block Application’ for Comodo Security.
I had always used ‘Custom Ruleset’ for Firewall as my rules are hardened to the max!
And i did check previously using Wireshark to verify.
Perhaps you want to test this yourself as i am currently using Emsisoft.

You do not need any level of knowledge to know that companies that develop security software collect all kinds of data. Sometimes data that should be collected not end up being sent accidentally or not.

One factor that I think is a gross failure that is not used by any encryption type is internet connection or own software. Most uses port 80 (open by default on modems, routers and even some firewalls), which would make it easier for data capture tools sniffers.

Regarding the report from av-comparatives apparently was based on interviews the developers of software companies. There are also quotes that they think correct: Do not rely on free software and do not trust those who offer toolbars or other third-party applications. By the logic suggested by av-comparatives, tests to compare that product does better on a sample of malware, should be made free without any cost.
Are contradictions like these that you can not take seriously everything that we read.

I interpret your last remark as hostile.

Moderators are not employed by Comodo. We are end users like everybody else who does not have the Staff avatar who maintain order and good atmosphere here are the forums.

What’s keeping you from researching it yourself when you are worried about if and what may be transmitted by CIS application?

I considered that Comodo may be making money by covertly using personal info, and that Comodo may choose to hide this topic by burying it in a child board. Someone with financial interest in Comodo (not necessarily an employee) can use moderator privileges to manipulate Comodo’s public perception. My note to the moderators about the public perception serves the same role as the press that keeps a check on our government’s activities. What a hostile country we would live in if the press was not there to serve that role.

Ultimately, I believe this type of examination will uplift both Comodo and their users. It gives Comodo feedback about the importance of being transparent and offering user options about the usage of personal info. If Comodo is already perfect in this regard, users learn about how great Comodo is and Comodo’s reputation is improved. If Comodo needs to make changes in this direction, it will help Comodo better compete with Emsisoft and differentiate Comodo from other AV companies that covertly use personal info. This too would benefit Comodo users. There would be no upliftment if I keep all this to myself.

Please stop making innuendoes if you have proof provide it.

Why would they want to compete against Emsisoft or any other paid product provider.

The reason Comodo provides CIS is so everyone can have security for free, they do provide a paid product but what you pay for are the extra’s not CIS.

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On the other hand… I bleave that its time for some news about whats going on for the next CIS release…

Since the first problem related on the gui lags and bug reporteds nobody talked about it and no updates was released to solve it…

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He is a member since 2008, has over 300 posts and his question was dodged and you threaten to ban him? What am I doing using this product? You guys are out of control the biggest problem with Comodo is right here. This forum has drove more users away than it ever helped. None of this applies to Chiron he is constantly doing Comodo good.

I am sorry does not matter who you are, new or old member it does not give you the right to make innuendoes.

If you or any one else is willing to provide proof about wrong doing by Comodo you are most welcome to.

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