Company site is a shamless mess!

That so many people can not update, or download the most important part of their ‘suite’, is absolutely lousy PR! If anyone form Comodo ever ventures in here, and I seriously doubt they care enough to do that… Comodo needs to step up and provide clear directions, and fixes to these porblems. Why on earth would I even consider paying for their stuff when there is such rampant problems with the most basic of things?

I am trying Comodo because of all the hype about being a much leaner suite, ie not all bloated like the major internet security suites… over four hours trying to dl their base AV files … on DSL, when I often dl 2gig files in less than two hours! This is not some fluke, this is throttling with purpose. Also, in the suite itself, the AV upgrade does not work from the start.
'nuf said?

I’ve responded to one of your other posts.

I can’t see a connection between this posts title and your actual issue so I will lock this one and we can continue in the topic that I’ve replied to.

Ewen :slight_smile: