comoodo firewall new version blocks 'demon tools'

I just installed comodo firewall ver 5.0.162636.1135

But Comodo firewall blocks demon tools launching

I put demon tools “Trusted application and Trusted files” but There’s nothing change

Does anyone have same problem?

Os : vista x64

Are you sure that it is the firewall that blocks the tools? Could it be more a D+ or sandbox issue? I suggest that you disable the firewall and try, if does not work, the re-enable the FW and disable just the sandbox, then D+. It may help in better understanding what is happening.


Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

but I already disable all comdo settings ( Firewall, defense+, sendbox etc) and

try to launch demon tools, but it fails.

and also Alcohol 120% doesn’t launch when ‘Comdo firwall ver5.0’ installs.

I think comodo firewall ver5.0 conflict with Virtual cd(demon tools, alcohol120% …etc)

Add Daemon Tools/Alcohol 120 to D+/Execution Control Settings/Exclusions.

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Thanks ! :smiley:

It’s working