Comondo taking an age to open


If this is in the wrong place (probably) I apologise.

I’ve been back using comodo for about a week or so now and for the first 4 or 5 days, it was brilliant. Now, well, not so much. It is taking up to ten minutes from clicking the browser to it opening.
When a comodo window is already open, it’ll open a second almost instantly if needed but to initially start it up is taking a stupid amount of time.
I have cleared my histories and have no added extensions. I have also checked for malware and run my virus scanner with no dodgy stuff to be found and have no toolbars, other than my bookmarks.

Other browsers load within 5 seconds, it is just comodo that I have a problem with.

Can anyone advise on why it is taking so long and how I can make it open before I grow old and die?

Thanks folks.

What Comodo browser are you using?

Comodo dragon Version, says it’s up to date.