Comofo is back!

His account has been reverted to a guest? ???

His back :slight_smile:


Let me email my buddy and see. (:NRD)

I think you ■■■■■■ him off 3. Honestly with your “off topic” comment in the thread about me.

No, his posts have been reverted to a guest’s, :o which means that his account must have been deleted. :frowning:

He deleted his account because of one single post?! What’s the deal? :cry:

I need to talk to him more but he made a thread as a joke about me and all he gets is static.


Please PM me his Email addy I want to talk to him…

make sure you add some (:HUG) & kisses :-* :-* :-* O0

Here I am (:WAV)
Just can’t seem to stay away…besides, my browser kept trying to log me in every time I’d come browse the forums, finally capitulated.


(:HUG) where’ve you been? (:HUG)
you miss a lot of things when you’re away, you know there’s this girl ammee & uh goose18 with his double laptop desktop PC & the supercop Vette with his electric gaming chair.

oh and there’s this new smiley too >:-D

ammee or Kim or Comofo ???

Comofo is back!


Had a chat with him earlier :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Comofo! :slight_smile: (:CLP)

(:SHY) …awww, you guys… (:SHY)

Did some traveling back east, visited family, got some ‘real’ work done…

Thank you for the warm reception. :■■■■

(ganda always seems to know everyone’s [ehem] affairs…how is that?)

'Cause he’s the root cause of most of them???

Welcome back!

Ewen :slight_smile:

huh ??? i can’t have all of them ???

yeah, what about his back

Still same Ganda 88)

ha! so you did more than just “chat with him earlier” 88)

your gf will love to see this (:HUG)

Welcome back Comofo :BNC

I wonder that too. Maybe Josh likes to watch it… (:WIN)

Not only is Comofo back but he brought this back with him… - YouTube 88)

Welcome back (CLY)