I disabled WSH and after Update of CIS I kept getting an “WSH not allowed” message on boot. looking for it it seems that the reason was comodowebstart.vbs. Looking at the forum I read “it has something to do with install/uninstall” and nothing more. The file has been deleted in the mean time, because it was in the temp folder. What exactly is it’s purpose and can I safely ignore that upon update it was not executed?

When you’re uninstalling a lot pf programs, you’ll get this . . . usually to take you to a website to ask why? It will be in your Temp location, so you can delete it or remove it from your Startup folder

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. I did not “uninstall a lot of programms”, I did install/update CIS (it is still installed), nevertheless there is the comodowebstart.vbs autorun entry.

Did you mean to tell me that this .vbs would just open up a website asking me why I did remove CIS which would have been because the update un- and reinstalls CIS instad of overwriting it? In that case thank you, that would be very safe to ignore :slight_smile: