Comodo's Vulnerability to Exploits as Revealed by Wikileaks' CIA Documents

As many of you have probably heard, Wikileaks released thousands of pages of documents from the CIA today relating to electronic espionage. I perused some of them and was drawn to the section on Antivirus exploits. Apparently Comodo has a few very large security flaws that the CIA, and anyone else who has figured them out, can use to access your computer.

  1. Two heap overflows, one handling CHM files.

  2. Vulnerability to exploits via BZ2 compressed files.

  3. Recycle Bin defeat. From the CIA document, “There is a magical place that for some reason Comodo likes to ignore. The Recycle Bin. You know, that folder of stuff users have deleted? Stuff that probably has no business executing at all, let along dropping and running other code? Yeah – they like to ignore initial execution out of that bad boy.”

  4. Comodo 6.X Gaping Hole of DOOM. Again, from the CIA, “Anything running as SYSTEM is automatically legit under 6.X. ANYTHING. Let that sink in. Got a kernal level exploit? Good, because you can drop the kitchen sink and the contents of your garage and as long as you continue to run as SYSTEM you are golden. Yeah.”

Now that these issues are no longer CIA secret knowledge and are available to the public, will Comodo be fixing these issues?

1+2 = supposedly fixed a long time ago; not discovered by CIA
3+4 = doubt that you could call these vulnerabilities; please continue discussion here: