Comodo's uTorrent rules appear to be blocking my uTorrent port

I am trying out Comodo Firewall as I’m not happy with my current firewall. However, I can’t get port forwarding to work. I have added the rules as shown here: Enabling File Sharing Applications like BitTorrent and Emule,Comodo Firewall| Internet Security v5.9/5.10
I have checked and double checked to make sure that I haven’t made any mistakes when creating these rules. However, when I apply these rules to uTorrent, all of my seeding activity in uTorrent stops. My torrent tracker says that I am not connectable and “” says that the port I use in uTorrent is not accessible. As soon as I remove the rules and select “any” when the Comodo box pops up, I am immediately connectable and my port is being forwarded correctly.

Can anyone help me with what might be happening here? I am assuming that these rules are designed to make torrenting more secure, and that simply selecting “any” as I have done is not an ideal option.

I run Windows 7 64 Home, uTorrent 1.8.2