Comodo's secret sauce for malware prevention - The SECRET is OUT!!!

Nice to see you behind the camera again in front of the camera again. liked the video.

How many unknown files will there be for consumer every week?
and when will CCAV get the protection from filess malware?

Some of the video have bad/uncomfortably audio/sound quality.

This is not a secret for me for years 8) Thank you Melih, it is another great video (I already watched all your videos on Youtube)

Great informative video Melih, as always you explain everything in a very simplistic way but also in a very detailed way. Why not make the video available in the domain? It will be a great addition.

We saw again, detection is not = real protection !!! Real Protection is what comes , when all other detection mechanisms fail . And this can happen faster than you think .

Good and ingenious Video !!! :-TU Sometimes you have to say it as simply as possible ! :wink:

Excellent presentation, Melih. I have been telling people for quite some time about your unique Default-Deny way of fighting infections.
This video explains virtualization quite well. I would not(and I don’t) run a Windows machine without Comodo Internet Security installed

One simple question you should be asking, to see if your endpoint protection will protect you or not:

Do you allow an unknown file the write privileges to Hard Drive, registry or the COM interface?

If the answer is yes…run for the hills…

if you don’t understand what the above question means…don’t make security decisions!

This was a great video! Hope to see more! :slight_smile:
Out of simple curiosity, why Vimeo over YouTube? :-\

no idea…marketing people decided to do it…