Comodo's rise is almost meteoric - AV-Test

“Looking at scores over time, Comodo’s rise is almost meteoric. In the three latest tests it went from a barely-passing 10.0 points up to 12.5 points and now all the way to 15.0 points”

Well done indeed. I hope you can cope with plenty of new users once they see this.

Melih promises. Melih accomplishes. Melih fulfills.

I’m proud to be a Comodo user ;D :rocks: :110: :Marry: :love:

me,too (:KWL)

Thank you:)

We work for our users!

Comodo is an awesome product & its free, solid protection as always.

Now that it can be figured for all types of users, I don’t think I’ll ever even try anything else again. I love v6.

Well indeed I’m a happy CIS user, CIS is the best (:CLP)

Me too. Each Comodo user crates trust online. Each Comodo user spreads the word. Melih has kicked the stone rolling; And now are so many rolling stones… GREAT !!!

  • 1 :BNC

I have to say that:

Comodo software has a lot of problems, as any other company’s software. But when You see the things going on on your computer, there is no doubt that when using comodo as a security software you are good to go…

I am one of the most “pain in the ■■■” users when talking about complains and thngs like that, buts this is not about “problematic on forums” but its about love. I love comodo internet security so everything that I see that I can do to say “hey, comodo, this is wrong. go the other way…” etc etc… Ill do. Because I want comodo to be more and more of what it is right now… and its great…

my testment above…

/lets all cry together with joy in our eyes!!!

Very impressive and well done everyone at Comodo. (:CLP)

But let’s not forget the last sentence in that impressive paragraph:

The only thing that kept it [Comodo] from scoring even higher was that 3.5 for Usability.

That’s a reflection of what many users have been saying on these fora.

That is why they are working hard to expand the white list. Every month this score should be improving.

No, it isn’t. They scored CIS low on usability because of isolation and/or restriction of safe things. They gave the UI high marks and that is what people have complained about here.

good improvment 8)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: definitely

But in this test Comodo is bad:

They are using Comodo 5.1, so there credibility is questionable.

I am using 5.12 but i am credible.
This is incredible.
Should be a joke…
But 5.12 is very good in fact.
In these tests the machines undergo a massive bombardements with all bad stuff in a so concentrated form one will never ever get on his machine.
Means: security program testing in the lab and security programs in real life and work are not the same pair of shoes.