Comodo's response time to new suspicious/malware

I recently submitted suspicious file which is an actual malware DLL file which slipped through Comodo AV into Firefox as an extension hidden (hid itself from Addon page). And it has past two days, but I haven’t see Comodo update their database to detect the malware.

You can check out the result from here:

Response time to new malware is a major part for all AV companies to fight new/undetected malicious files.
Comodo really need to step up and reduce the response time.

I have had the same experience here uploading suspicious files using CIS

Did you manually uploaded it as suspicious using CIS interface or CIS uploaded it automatically?

The fastest way is this one, Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis
they usually answer with the result via email

VirusTotal doesn’t give a total representation of a security product’s protection because it uses command-line scanners which may lack some functionality found in the normal interfaces (refer to the VirusTotal about page for details).

In the case of Comodo what you see on VirusTotal lacks CAMAS dynamic detection as well as effects caused by automatic sandboxing. Files CAMAS detects cause antivirus pop-ups in CIS right away to protect users, but VirusTotal won’t show a positive detection until these samples formally migrate into the definitions or heuristics. Similarly, automatic sandboxing makes some undetected threats harmless or non-functional but this protection is invisible on VirusTotal until Comodo actually incorporates detection for them.