Comodo's own popup

I’m getting a daily popup asking if I want a new version of Comodo security that I would think is the Firewall plus anti virus.
As I only need the firewall as I am pleased with the anti virus that I have used for years, I keep clicking the Comodo popup off but it comes back, and I’m sick of it, I know that I can set it for a weekly reminder but I don’t want reminding, I just want rid of it, does anybody know how to permanently zap it?
Regards Robert.

Miscellaneous / Settings untick check for program updates.

I believe that the update is probably just for a new version of the firewall. I don’t believe that it would update and install the AV as well.

What is your version number?

Many thanks to you both for the reply and help, my version is and I have found and unticked the “Check for prog updates”
And if the update prooves to be a firewall update, then I would install it.
Regards Robert.

That is an old version. You cannot update to 3.14 or the new v4 using the program updater.

You will have to start with a clean installation and on top of that you can not export your configuration from 3.0 to the newer versions due to changes under the hood.

thanks Eric

        I will look for and download the V4 version, although this version of Comodo 3.0.25 that I am using (In safe mode) tries to stop everything I try to download with thousands of popups, asking if its ok, but I can put up with that because as it as far as I know iComodo has kept my PC safe since I installed it, after getting rid of AVG which let things through.

Thanks for your advice, regards Robert.

Hi again
Sorry for the late update, I do have problems finding my thread again on this site.
I have now downloaded V4 and installed it, and I have tried to tell the prog to just scan the main HDD drive and Operating System, unfortunately it continues on to scan the other two HDD’s and all the games and photos installed on them which takes forever.
I must not be setting the scan correctly as I am not sure how to go about this process.
Regards Robert.

Can you tell how you instructed CIS to scan the selected drives?

Hi Eric
Thanks for your help, I clicked on Antivirus on the dashboard > Scan Profiles > Comodo Anti-V scan > in scan profile box I clicked > Add > in the " Please drag your selected items box I clicked on > + My Computer > and dragged > Local disk J:\ to selected items box on R/H side > also J:\TEMP\ > and Apply >

Hope this helps, regards Robert.

It sounds like you started the wrong profile when it scanned all of your HD’s.

For testing I made profile where it would only scan one folder. When I started it CIS also scanned active programs so I also saw some scanning on the System drive as well as some files being scanned on my Program drive. May be you saw that?

Hi Eric
It does now seem that this is a case of dim wittedness on the operator’s part ???
After reading about your test it does look like I am picking the wrong profile, under the title " Please pick an item to scan “ I now remember that I named a profile (or named a scan) before sliding the J:\ drive icon over to the select items box.
It would seem that I have been selecting the “Comodo Anti-V Scan” :-[and not the one that I had set up to just scan the J:\ drive.
After the penny dropped I clicked on a new scan, and then picked the scan that I had named, and it just scanned the J:\ drive, as it should.
I should have twigged a little earlier, but we silver surfers are not always as quick on the uptake as we once were, but hey we usually get there, with a little help from our friends, ;D eventually.
So many thanks for your help, regards Robert.

You’re welcome. Glad things straightened out.