Comodo's Operating System?

i wonder…if they could create their own Operating System

If Comodo created there own operating system and it was proven to be better then Microsoft OS or even Apple’s OS or LINUX by Security Experts and top programmers and users… and it was free, I would be EXTREMELY IMPRESSED, AND DONATE MONEY TO COMODO.

I dought it would happen anyway… lol creating a entire new operating system takes what? 6-10 years??


true…I also had a dream that comodo did…

Well…They almost have it lol (security part)

no but really if that happen then I’ll say (M)

Interesting thought. The problem with new OS’s is there is no program support for a while. Help wont be around for a while either. I like the idea of a secure OS though. :slight_smile:

You don’t know that they actually DID have an OS (at least support for it) until now?

Not really for private persons though. It would be extremely cool with a Comodo/Linux OS for private single users. Or at least, Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 for Linux. Then I could consider switching to Linux (CFP keeps me in Windows :-*).


Isnt trustix just a security operating system? Like turns your computer into one big firewall for your network?

It’s an OS if you ask me, but I don’t know its capabilities.


Comodo regrets to announce that it will discontinue all distribution, updates and direct support for Trustix Secure Linux effective December 31, 2007. The user support forum at will continue to remain online throughout 2008.

but they quit…

Emulation and cross platform support is where this one should go.

Seriously, if you Comodo folks can pull this one off, I swear I’ll name my firstborn Comodo G**** and quite possibly start a religion…