comodo's last chance for me to test on win xp 64 bit

I’ve finally had enough and I am fixing to convert back to 32 bit OS. I tried to get some answers a couple of years ago, but the answer was always the same: sorry we aren’t ready yet.

if you comodo techs would like a run on a 64 bit win xp pro on your product to test you have until next week to reach me.

i can wipe it and do a clean install if that’s what you want or could leave the few items i have on here. either way doesn’t matter to me.

i love the products and have been able to help here and there with piddly stuff, so…

pls test our 64 bit version of our firewall and also 64 bit version of Comodo Memory Guardian.
thank you


okies melih, i have the CMG_Setup_1.0.1.5_XP_x64_BETA and CFP_Setup_3.0.8.214_XP_VISTA_x64_BETA (i’m running xp pro 64-bit, but the principles should be the same…have a different one for me to use or is this the one you wanted?)

i should be slapping them on monday i think.

happy troubleshooting lol

those are fine. .thank you :slight_smile:


okies, did the install on the firewall. user end went well, few more dialog boxes than i care for since i always go into settings after the install to set preferences anyway…

it found some install errors of its own during a scan…where do you want this diagnosis report emailed to?

otherwise install/setup of CFP_Setup_3.0.8.214_XP_VISTA_x64_BETA went flawlessly, i will start testing after i get the other installed.

O yeah: win xp pro 64 bit … if you need hardware config just say so.

Happy monday!

guardian installed no issues either…

i have run across one thing that could be new to you techs: when the 2 products were installed, after a few reboots and a few hours of no bsod lol, i plugged my second hard drive back in.

all seemed fine until i rebooted, for some reason the firewall and guardian both assumed they should have been installed on G://Program Files/Comodo… tried a couple of reboots, nada…did the auto scan repair…generated another diagnosis report and said it couldn’t fix ALL the problems.

but another reboot generated no errors and all seems to be back the way it was originally.

who wants these diagnosis reports?