COMODO's ID Theft Protection?

How does CIS protect against Identity Theft?

It depends on what level you speak XD.

  • Comodo uses whitelist … It is difficult for a malware to run and steal your data.
  • You have virtual desk: it is safer for transactions.
    -Firewall: would prevent your data from leaving without you knowing.
  • It has a web filter: It would help phising (the browsers also have this) (It is difficult to detect new pages so nothing is 100% sure)
    -Sandbox: I would help avoid zero day malware.

Comodo should protect you from any malware that wants your personal data … By means of its white list and the sanbox … You have to learn to use them;).

Comodo protects you a lot, but if you are delivering your data all over the internet (ex: facebook, mail) no security suit can help you …

It is necessary to know well where the confidential data is entered … Phishing is difficult to detect by AV or other protection … So only to enter official pages :slight_smile:

As you can see CIS protects you quite well …

Now if you buy the version with TrustConnect WiFi Security It would prevent someone from intercepting your banking connections in insecure networks,

I have OpenVPN, would that do the same thing that COMODO VPN would do?

Both private VPN networks work similar …
But you do not need to change it if you do not want to …

Although that is a separate issue. I do not know what it has to do with
ID Theft Protection. since they are networks between computers …
If you want protection you need something similar to TrustConnect WiFi Security