Comodo's Icon Files Changed Every Time Start.

Hello Sirs,

I found those files in
C:\Documents and Settings(user name)\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles
Seems like icons using by Comodo.

When I check their properties, their file-changed time are always the time when my Comodo starts.
(my Comodo starts with computer boot.)
Is this normal?

Thanks very much in advanced.

Yes, I believe that is normal. The ResFiles (Resource Files) directory is CFPs UI (skin, icons, images, etc…), which I believe it unpacks dynamically when you run it.

You can probably stop that behavior, if you wanted, by making a clone of CFPs skin & calling it something else… can’t remember the exact details (there’s a post on it somewhere), but it’s something like a sub-directory name, that CFP can reference from the Settings screen. It’s intentionally like that to allow users to make their own skins & for the sponsored (not sure if it’s called that?) version.

Here’s the CFP Themes/Skins topic that I mentioned…

[URL=]Steps to create your own skin in CFP 3.0[/URL]

edit: But, that topic is locked & links to another…

[URL=]COMODO Firewall Pro Skinning Tool (BETA) Launched[/URL]