Comodo's heristics went off when installing Yahoo messanger.

I DID uncheck the toolbar option and I DID get it from Yahoo itself. Is Comodo still detecting the toolbar? It blocked nsj9AC6.tmp\ymsgr_inst.exe.

Please report the file as a false positve here and explain the circumstances in which it is detected.


check this out Advanced Research Center | Trellix

why don’t you submit the file to virustotal

Its in my blocked files in Comodo. How do I access it?

what identified it the AV or D+? if D+ it is just blocked, you will have to try to find the temp location it tired to install to and grab it form there. if AV it is in quarantine, you will have to restore it, turn off the av and navigate to the location it restored it to and grab it from there.

D+ heuristics did.

Tmp files is empty. Can’t locate appdata.