Comodo's firewall more simplistic

Is there a way to make the fw more user friendly to configure but make it just as powerful?

For example…in pctools firewall plus, I can just allow both in and out for utorrent without a ton of complicated rules.
This would be very much appreciated, other than the rules area I love comodo!

Also why can’t the developers add the rules in comodo to prevent certain exploits from bypassing it?


I think a good place to start would be How to Install Comodo Firewall.

I would advise configuring it as described there and then perhaps making some small changes after that.

Those where only quick-fixes provided by the community to stop those samples of crypters.

Comodo is working on version 6 where they can provide a solid way to stop those crypters of taking your system hostage without having to ‘tweak’ your config.
The current 5.x can’t be easily changed to provide this ‘behavior’ analysis/blocking.

Thanks Ronny, I can’t wait :slight_smile:

I keep getting this error even after waiting a minute or so

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Yes that’s a nasty one, sometimes it helps to clean cache and cookies.
Do you have an second browser installed you could try it with to see if that complains also?