COMODO's Firewall conflict with Martau's Total Uninstall

There is a conflict between COMODO Firewall and Total Uninstall (

I give here a link to a page on Total Uninstall’s Forum concerning this problem :

Briefly, the problem occurs on a fresh new installation of Windows XP SP3 : Total Uninstall is first already installed and then I install COMODO Firewall under the supervision of Total Uninstall.

After the complete installation of COMODO I call back Total Uninstall to do another snapshot so to create a report of the installation of COMODO.

At this moment COMODO gives this message :

"Tu.exe tried to execute shellcode as a result of a possible buffer overflow attack.

This is typical of a buffer overflow attack. COMODO Defense+ has already isolated Tu.exe from the rest of the system and will keep it isolated unless you skip this alert. However, it is still strongly recommended to terminate this application and contact its vendor for a fix."

What I have done at this moment was to skip this message and finalize the snapshot with Total Uninstall.

Another problem is that after the installation of COMODO Firewall I can’t run Total Uninstall correctly : when I am lucky enough to get into TU for the installation of any other program, I can’t create correctly the pre-install system snapshot because TU hangs in the middle of this snapshot and is not able to complete the operation.

The Total Uninstall Forum’s admin gave me this answer about this second problem :

“If the hang doesn’t happen when the firewall is disabled or is not installed then the reason is the firewall and not the Total Uninstall.
You can post this problem on the COMODO forum so they will be aware about this problem.”

Maybe he’s right but maybe not…

I really can’t tell which soft is causing this problem, COMODO or Total Uninstall, I am not an expert and I don’t have the source code of each software so to be able to see what is wrong.

Could someone at COMODO check if there is a problem with COMODO’s Firewall or if it is really a Total Uninstall’s problem.

Could you talk with someone at Martau to check together what is wrong ?

Thank you for your help.

From having experimented similar situations from softwares acting at the same shell level (e.g. Revo Uninstaller, XP lite…) it is not strictly speaking a bug, unless you state as a bug something not made as a trusted editor by Comodo.

Comodo does its job when it “defends itself” from every action at the shell level, including shutdown privileges and soforth.

A solution is to customize the said software in defense+, and then give it the appropriate rights.

After a couple of hours on this problem (about 30 to 40 hours), I give up.

I don’t have any more time to give to the resolution of this problem.

I think, as Matousec’s results indicates, that COMODO Firewall is the best on the market at the present moment, but I will try to work with Outpost Pro Firewall to avoid the conflict with Total Uninstall which I absolutely want to keep because it is the best of its kind and that it is not as easier to replace with another good uninstaller as COMODO is with another good firewall.

Maybe I will try the new versions of COMODO’s Firewall to check if the problem is still there or not, I don’t know.

Finally, I really don’t know from which software, COMODO’s Firewall or Total UNinstall, the problem originates and my best option is to install a firewall with which Total Uninstall won’t have any conflict.

Thank you for your help and I feel sorry to have taken a little bit of your time.

Thank you again.