Comodo's file reputation service doesnt recognize one of its files (read more)!

Comodo doesn’t recognize one of its own files with the new reputation scanning service if you exclude the tvl list from the scan. C:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security dbghelp.dll

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Where? I don’t see it… ???

In the picture or in your files?

upon further investigation it is a microsoft file in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security

You can submit any unknown files to be whitelisted in this topic.

Some files are protected by CIS 6 and appear as unknown KillSwitch this and other similar it is because the software fails to read the file, see example image:

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If the file is whitelisted, but KillSwitch calls it unknown, then this is a bug (assuming it is reproducible on multiple days). However, if it’s rated as unknown because it’s not yet whitelisted then submitting it for whitelisting in that topic would be the best approach.

it isnt kill switch that detected it as unknown it was comodo itself.

Thanks Chiron i will submit it to be whitelisted.