Comodo's Defense Plus vs Online Armor's H.I.P.S.

i love defense plus but i have heard OA’s HIPS is really good too, any idea which is better or stronger?

Without any doubt I will say D+. :-TU

Peace. :a0

Both are excellant at doing what they do, there is not much to choose!

At least your thinking HIPS, not just AV, that`s half the battle.

Both are strong… If you get an infection despite running one of those HIPS its probably not because of program limitations/flaws (even if that can happen)… more often the human is the weak link…

OA free can in no way compete with CIS free… However if you go with OA paid the game becomes more tight… Pick the one you feel most comfortable with… :-TU :-TU

Neither one sucks…

Ive never tested OA but I have gotten the feeling by looking on the interface that CIS is more customizable… However OA looks a bit easier to set up. If you decide to go with CIS as your HIPS and want optimal defense you should set it to proactive security. Or a setting similar to what Kyle suggests in his nice guide:

Now what? :slight_smile: Very strong product from OA:
I think it’s impressive.

The HIPS in the free Online Armor is not comparable to Defense+. However, the HIPS in the paid Online Armor… well that’s a different story. I’m not saying one is better than the other, just that it’s not an obvious win for either.

Beanie :slight_smile:

My personal opinion is that I really really like the way defense + is working… in terms of usability, reconfigurability, and protection strength and speed and above all the price! I say defense + has the best combination! It is a true win win combination, and I say this as a independent user of both HIPS systems… also read all of the dozens reviews about the powerful HIPS feature in CIS over the internet, reviews done by experts and regular users just like you and me… (:WIN)

Um, well, there must be a big difference between OA Free HIPS and OA paid HIPS.
Can you explain the considerable differences ???


Enjoy :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this one compares the different versions of OA in general, not the HIPS features in detail. So I still don’t know the differences.

BTW are there any differences between CIS Free and CIS paid related to the HIPS features?



!ot! Infact, Overall… There is No CODE difference between CIS Free & CIS Pro. With CIS Pro you get Live PC Support and TrustConnect for securing weird connections in public places. These services are the only differentiators. But heck, you can’t go wrong 39 $$ for your own support expert. :wink: This is why CIS Free has the advantage over other “free vs pro” products from other Vendors. There is simply no stripped down features from CIS pro that are in CIS free, etc - Why it’s the case for majority of other Vendors. Read more here.

Maybe the Comodo Moderators should make a sticky here “CIS Free Vs CIS Pro” And in detail describe the differences, etc.

Let’s keep on topic for now on pls… :slight_smile: I just wanted to clarify this.


HIPS features of OA Free
Execution Protection
Termination Protection
Limited Autostart Protection
Keylogger Protection
Tamper Protection

OA Paid has, in addition to the above, the following HIPS features
Full Autostart Protection
DNS Spoofing Protection
Advanced Settings for the other HIPS features (Advanced Mode)

As well as the other paid features listed on the link (Web Shield, Mail Shield, Phishing Protection etc).

Hope this helps :slight_smile: