comodo's defense+ events list

Hello one and all.

Have just recently loaded Comodo and have been very impressed with it so far. :■■■■

Hoping, someone can tell me if there is a way of setting the ‘defence+ events’ list from logging a particular event of a programme called ‘Tiny Resmeter’ which has to access the memory every 2 seconds to work properly. :THNK

This in turn is logged by Comodo every 2 seconds, and I haven’t found a way to set ‘defence+ events’ to ignore this programme. (:SAD)

Is there a way to do this please



Open comodo and open the tab Defence+ and click on advanced click on computer security policy double click on your program and change it to trusted application

What application is the D+ log showing that Tiny Resmeter is trying to access?

If it is Comodo Firewall, then you need to select D+ and go Advanced->Computer Security Policy->edit CFP->Protection Settings->Add Tiny Resmeter to the exception list for Interprocess Memory Access.


Hello all

My thanks to Jowin and Adric for the replies.

The first method, I had previously tried with no luck (possibly with my set up).

The second method where you go through “edit CFP” route did the trick.

Again, thanks to you both for your inputs