Comodo's 'Custom' settings now block my internet access


I’ve been using Comodo for a while now, but I’m familiar with just its very basics. Early on, I had set the ‘Security Level’ to ‘Custom’, had added just a rule to access utorrent and everything worked fine. Now, I just moved to my sister’s home in the UK and have successfully updated the IP settings, so that I can have internet access, however Comodo is blocking access to it, unless I switch the ‘Security Level’ to ‘Allow All’. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to have the firewall back again to ‘Custom’ and be able to access the internet?? I wouldn’t like to be on the ‘Allow All’ setting for long…

Any help is most welcome!!


Probably something wrong with the Network Monitor rules, could you post a screenshot?

I too have the same issue. CPF blocks my internet connection. I’ve got all the settings on standard and still I get… “limited or no connectivity”. Have you been able to solve this problem. I would really like to ask for some help on this. Thanks.

I have recently been having this issue as well. I got a new cable modem (and the accompanying internet, obviously :D) installed on Monday, and abruptly my internet started going down last night and every hour (almost like clockwork) since. I have to change the comodo settings to “allow all”, repair the connection (it goes into limited-or-no-network connectivity), then return my comodo settings to “custom”. An hour later, it goes down again.

Here’s a screenshot of my Network Monitor:

Photobucket | Make your memories fun! (full size)

If anyone could help out, I’d greatly appreciate it :smiley:

Thanks in advance for any support or advice!