Comodo's conflict with nero

I have Comodo 3.0.20 installed on my system. But when I try to install nero 6.6 which came with my DVD writer, it says that some data is invalid. I tried installing with a different setup but in vain.

When I tried CDBurnerXP, they say in their FAQ that Comodo will conflict with it. So I can’t write CDs or DVDs. Does Comodo conflict with all CD burning applications. Please help me.

I burn cd’s all the time. Comodo doesn’t stop that. I use WMP,Winamp and Ashamphoo. Be sure what ever program you are using is trusted in D+. When I had Nero in the past it worked also. Be sure that the “imapi” service is running.

I’ve not had any problems with either Nero 8 (came with DVD writer) or BurnAware Free Edition and CFP.

edit: I also have StarBurn, but I hardly ever use it or Nero. I mostly use BurnAware FE.

I have Comodo installed.
I run Nero OEM without any problems (that I am aware of).