Comodo's CFP.EXE is detected as Adware by Windows Defender.

This morning I logged on to my computer to find that it had apparently detected some harmful software.

Windows Defender told me that a process with ID of 2636 was in fact “Adware:Win32/BookedSpace”

After checking Task Manager, The process with ID 2636 turned out to be CFP.EXE ie: Comodo.

This is on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit, Windows Defender with the latest updates and CIS version 4.1.150349.920

please submit it here so they can fix it.

Shouldn’t Comodo do this themselves?

no really, each company has to fix it themselves. Usually users report problems to the company that the FP. But seeing as you don’t want to report it, I will do it.

actually can you do it, I am running version 5 and not version 4. V5 is not being detected.

I don’t mind doing it but I thought it would make more sense for Comodo to do it themselves.

I sent it in but it doesn’t appear to have been detected at their website.

how about on ? is it detected there?

Looks like I missed your reply notification email…

Don’t know if you already tried uploading to Virustotal yourself, I just did, it shows nothing