Comodo's Blockage of Inbound Traffic

Hello, iam having this blocking of all inbound tcp/udp connectiuons again.

Is it something that comodo is doing by default? can i change an option or soemthing to make it able to unblock inbound traffic?

Thank you!

Your last network monitor rule should be blocking all inbound connections by default. To allow an inbound connection, you need to create a rule (allowing) above this rule.


Yes youa re right! thats must be it!

Actually i want to allow all inbound connections others inititate to me for example from torrent or emule and generally all ftp/p2p progs.

Do i need to completeley erase the nlast blocking rule in order to achieev this?

You could delete your last rule but I think it is prefered if you add additional rules above your last “block all” rule. I have a similar question, which I will post in a new thread. That may be of some help also.