COMODO's biggest issue!!!

Ohh that is too bad :-[ I really want some one to fix comodo’s biggest issue :cry:

THE UPDATE !!! ???

the update of comodo just takes too much cpu and ram when it is updating the computer turns extremely slowwwwwww :frowning: that is why comodo is not popular at least if you can’t fix this issue make it able to schedule by the user not update it randomly like this seriously comodo your antivirus should be so popular if not this issue so can you fix it ppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeee ??? (:SAD)

Bad morning, eh? Try to drink one cup of cofee and then edit your post.

ahmedahh is right. I wish it was just a bad morning. But it is a bad morning every day if I use my pc. The only alternative now is to get rid of comodo’s AV and use another free one or none. Also coffee will not help.

Well I don’t have this issue.

Well I do and also many others on this forum and probably MANY others who do not post on this forum. It is a REAL problem for a lot of people.

You might not have it but I still want COMODO to use a less cpu,ram

Well, the reason why I don’t have it might be that I’m using CIS4. :wink:

yeah right… show off! >:-D

Anyway, turning off automatic update and resort to manual update of the AV may help reduces the stress…

Nor do I have this problem, but there will be a few who do, anyway I’m sure v4 is going to be ace and will solve a lot of problems for those who get the odd little one.

we are hoping that this is addressed in v4.

Any feedback about this issue being addressed in v4 from our beta testers pls?


There is a workaround that has proven successful - it’s not a solution, it is a workaround. It doesn’t “fix” the CPU or RAM issues, but it lets you determine when they will ocur.

  1. Turn off automatic updating for all types of scans except for scheduled scans.
  2. Create a scan profile that just checks one innocuous file (like a shortcut on your desktop)
  3. Schedule this profile to be used at whatever interval or time/s that suit your circumstances.

I have this type of scheduled scan to occur at 4AM, 12AM and 6PM. I could have chosen more, but this is the time band that this particular PC needs to be online.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I have no issue with latest CIS . . .I have my CPU and RAM under real time monitor and they register very little activity when I’m not running big application…

RAM, CPU and DISK I/O relating to the Antivirus updates, Whether it’s a first update or incremental updates, should be MUCH better in CIS v4. Comparing CIS v3 to CIS v4 (latest beta) you should be able to see the difference.

Can any CIS 4 beta testers confirm also?


It’s slightly better but not that much. For people having PCs with 1 core CPUs and equipped with less than 2 GB of RAM that might be a problem. Since I upgraded my PC to better CPU with 3 cores, I barely notice CIS updates. But still I always disable auto-updating for Real Time Scanning. I doubt that there can be more improvements applied to current updating system with virus database size around 90MB. IMHO update scheduler would be the best workaround till CAV database will shrink to 50 MB or less.

Edit: The good thing though, which I forgot to mention, is that CISv4 doesn’t block launching of a new application while AV DB is updating (on the contrary to CISv3). :-TU :-TU

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Latest Database Version: 3774 Release Date (all times GMT): 31-Jan-2010 14:05:09 Number of Definitions Added Today: 3188 Total Definitions: 4676827

The definitions used to be at a little over 6,000,000 a few months ago. It’s getting better.

I have never had any issues with updating and my system is far from being cutting edge. I do have a fast connection however.

Connection speed isn’t the issue. It’s the way CAV needs to line up its incremental updates and merge them one at a time. This is a very disk I/O intensive process. On average for me with the machine being off overnight is in the neighborhood of 3 million reads/writes. That is pretty excessive to say the least…

Think you mean 3 Billion Heffe, 3 Million would be fine :wink:

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Good idea :o

You got it!CIS 4 is a great update for CIS3~although still beta