Comodo's Artificial Intelligence Team

Hi Melih :slight_smile:

Sniffing on your website I saw you are looking for a Software Engineer for the Artificial Intelligence Team in Chennai, India. Job Description : Working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques like Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logics, Genetic Algorithms, Image Processing. Is it possible you tell us a little bit more about what this Artificial Intelligence Team is doing, and how this is related to security products ???

Greetz, a nosy Red ;D


Well, we are using AI to help in security. Can’t reveal too much about the projects under development :slight_smile:


I understand :wink: Thnx anyway :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

He’s developing a spam filter that will read AND understand all your emails like a person would and determine if they’re spam with 0.00% error probability. The downside is that since it’s a sentient being you’ll have to make it company and play with it and keep it happy or else it will delete your important emails. So it’s like having a Tamagochi as your secretary.

LOL kidding (not quite a bad idea) :smiley: