Comodo's anti virus make my system freeze.........

Hello , i have 2 machine both using CIS latest X64 & X86 ver. But today i found my X64 suddenly hang & freeze so i try to reinstall windows vista ultimate and then step by step to setup the driver & program , and finally i found after update the latest version of anti virus definition and then reboot my computer , everythings will be freeze and can’t connect to internet :frowning: so i go to safe mode to disable the anti virus function everything will be solve :’( my another notebook PC also using CIS but X86 version but nothings happen & works normally , so i am sure it’s the latest X64 anti virus definition’s problem , so can anyone solve this problems coz i really support Comodo product , but this times make me lost a lot of time to setup :’(

p.s : i come from Hong Kong , China , so my english not so good ;D and give yours a youtube link to see my problems . Thank you.

  • If guys still got this problems , i found latest virus defin. 1785 can fixed (#43)

Hello bb1614,

There are more reports of x64 bit users having the same issue on system startup after the latest db updates.
Can you please post the DB version you are currently using ?

Mine is 1775

virus signature Datebase version : 1775

Do the freezes only happen at system startup ? or also during normal use ?

thx for your help :slight_smile: after you watch my video you will know :frowning: if i turn on the anit virus function after boot will got freeze & can’t click anythings , such as i.e or my files…

and if turn on av function , the internet can’t connect.

Same issues here. Both of my 64-bit Vista machines are having all types of issues running today. I uninstalled Comodo on both systems and everything runs great. I reinstalled Comodo on both systems and the problems came back…but ONLY after updating to the newest virus signatures and then rebooting.

My 32-bit Vista machines are working perfectly…even with newest signatures and reboots.

Dev’s are looking in to it…
Does setting Real-Time AV to disabled also resolve the issue’s ?

I’ll have to reinstall and try it out. Will post soon to let you know.

when have solution? coz it’s make me can’t normal use my computer :’( afraid got virus…

I would not worry to much, you still have Defense+ to alert you on suspicious things…
Can you work on your system normally if you set AV real-time to disabled ?

I can’t do anything when Vista is brought up normally as the system locks up. I’m trying to see if I can do this some other way…safe mode, etc.

Right now I have reinstalled, rebooted, and set real time to disabled. I am NOW downloading the newest virus database. I’ll let you know what happens.

I am on the 1776 virus definitions now and everything is working with the scanner Disabled. I just moved it to Stateful and my system is semi-locked up. I get the wonderful spinning blue circle and some hard drive activity, but nothing really happens. It just doesn’t work.

I just rebooted into safe mode, started up Comodo, and was able to set the Virus scanner back to disabled. I then rebooted and everything is working beautifully.

I just set it back to Stateful and everything got messed up again. I guess I’ll leave it Disabled until Comodo figures out a fix.

Same problem here with Vista 64. Just started today. Have to go to safe mode, run, msconfig, disable comodo under services to get computer running. But that disables all comodo including firewall. Must be latest virus definitions.

Comodo - Can you roll back to last definitions until problem solved?

This happened to me as well. The whole computer freezes a few seconds after start up. After uninstalling the antivirus module the computer starts without a problem.

The only new software I installed was the new nvidia video drivers that were released on the 21th of this month. I haven’t had the time to confirm if it is the cause of the conflict because I spent most of yesterday reinstalling windows and all my applications.

Forgot to include my info, running Windows 7 RC x64.

I had the same problem from this morning…took me a while to figure out it was Comodo that was freezing up. I disabled CIS and everything was running fine again.

I had this too. I’ve uninstalled CID for the time being and now using other online protection.

Could everyone who has had the problem please post you OS info. Comodo CIS is running without any issues on Windows XP SP2 32-bit.

So is it only affecting Vista/Win 7 x64???