Comodos Account Policy


What is Comodos policy regarding removing email addresses from accounts/orders?

Most specifically on accounts relating to free software.

The reason I ask is that I want my email address removed from the Comodo systems.



I am surprised no one from Comodo can answer this question.

I would think this would be an important question for an internet security company.



ah… samos …

I don’t understand your reply.

I can see Samos from where I live :slight_smile:

but that’s not an answer to my question.

I don’t know about the systems outside of the Comodo forum, however as I’m sure you know this forum has mostly users on it and not that many from Comodo staff so the lack of response is most likely a result of no one around that can answer it. I’d recommend sending Melih a PM if you haven’t already.

yes, i am not from team comodo ; so i cannot answering to you honestly.

As far as i am concerned ; as soon as i register at a forum/site/blog and another … ; my request is still the same : when i will unsuscribe (and i know most of time when and how ! ) i ask to the admin to erase all information about myself which e-mail, post, answer, adress , isp etc.
So it is possible ?
Do i the right ?
Can i obtain my right ?
Can i - if someone do not answer or refuse - bring him problem ?
Yes , Yes , Yes , Yes for the 4 questions.
Someone else could tell you " our rules do not permit it " or "you know, the laws in our countries allows us to not accept your demand ".

I , i tell you that my 3 isp, Interpol, chessserver, international site, blogs etc. have received my request and was without ANY arrogance in the obligation to agree it.

But ; sometimes, an admin a little more stupid than the others says “yes” and do not do it.
Against that, you cannot do nothing except a trial : in fact someone else will knocking at their door two days after and they don’t like that. So they cooperate later …
Actually, all you do, write, speak is (not are : is - every thing …) your own property and better ; you are the only person who can allow someone else to use it even if you signed " all is under license Microsoft or open gpl because it is our condition … (illegal : a rule is not above a law).
Actually , net etiquette is with you , laws and intellectual property, and confidential data etc. are with you .
Actually , i have only 2 or 3 failed demand but after several posts very unpleasant; they agreed.
Actually they purge the data of their servers every x time and all is erased.

It is not an official point of view of the staff of comodo - sorry - but you understand now easily that you are not alone …

lucky man (see samos every morning … a dream … )

hi Garry

if you pm me your specific email address that you want removed, i will ask our guys asap.


Hi Melih