Comodor and Antivir[RESOLVED]

I installed Comodo Firewall Personal today, and now I am having troubles with at least Antivir Personal That is, when I am trying to update the defintions of Antivir manually I get a “Internet connection failed” message. So what should I do? Go back to Zone Alarm?

Nope! Have you made sure you ALLOWED the alerts for Avira to update? This is an extremely rare issue.


No pop-up window where anything could be “allowed”, so I don’t know what I should have done.

Are you running Defense+?

If so, on what setting?


Well, this is so new to me that I am not quite sure. But yes, I think I installed it as Defense+, the setting is what it automatically will be in the latest version of Comodo Firewall, I haven’t changed anything. By the way, AVG anti-spyware works fine, ans so does Firefox, I only have problems with Antivir.

Ok, now it suddenly workd. The only thing I did was to turn of Comodo for a moment, and restart it. It is, of course, possible that there was some problems with the connections with the Antivir definition provider that had nothing to do with Comodo. Still rather confused with all the pop-up windows of Comodo. A moment ago I tried to install McAfee SiteAdvisor, and got numerous prompts to allow the changes made.

You should have all these matching up to my settings.

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To Bhard,

Its a known problem with antivirus personal. During peak download hours avira just does not allocate enough servers to keep up with all the updating demands on the personal version. I usually turn on my computer in the late afternoon and experience no problems with automatic avira updates. But I am in the central United States some 7 times zones to the West and by then all the good little girls and boys in Europe are in bed fast asleep.

But any automatic or manual downloads I try to get with avira done in the morning often results in a failure to connect to the update servers located in Germany.

So its unclear if turning off comodo and restarting it did anything.

This is only true for Avira free not Avura Premium.