What do you thing about to make a nice corner , in witch will be to find explanation of any description like for example proactive,HIPS, etc.
To make that live more easy for people with zero knowledge about words describing Comodo function.

I think there is someting missing for anyone who is new to Comodo.

Type in Google: Help Comodo =

That’s what ppl do. I see your point but it’s up to the mods to decide. We have some help files on this forum but I can’t remember where. So yeah good point LOL!

There was a Wiki project we started in 2008, unfortunately it ran out of steam. There’s still an entry for in at the bottom of the forum.

yes good idea…

maybe we can add any worthy question/answers to an FAQ section?

That would be great!

Could also be offered in many different languages…

:110: Yooop its mean Melih just start or is almost finish with that