comodon failed to clean

okay hello.
so i brought home my friend’s USB flashdrive, plugged it in, and there were some viruses. that autorun.inf file which is a very common virus in USB’s, its like a rootkit virus. comodo at once detected it, stopped it from spreading, kept my pc clean but when i told it to clean my usb, it couldnt do so.
particularly jwgkvsq.vmx file in the recycler folder which is hidden, i couldnt delete it manually because it was in use somewhere (im sure there were no illegal processes running, but the file just couldnt be deleted), when i told comodo to delete, repair, quarantine, whatever it can do to the file, it said the process required a restart to clean the remaining files, i restarted, but comodo couldnt delete it again because it was in use. then i tested AVAST! as i was aware of its boot-time scanner which scans for viruses even before the OS loads itself, and remove even the most stubborn rootkits. Avast detected the virus, asked me what to do, i moved it to the chest, and success.
so i wanted to know did i do something wrong with the comodo, is comodo able to clean these types of files, does comodo have any similar feature which can remove these stubborn viruses? like a boottime scanner? currently im using comodo firewall with avast antivirus (after this incident). but i’d really like to switch back to CIS premium if someone can help me out

The cleaning capabilities are not the strongest point of CIS as of yet. That will change in the future though.

For cleaning an infected computer I’d advise using the programs mentioned here.