ComodoFW5 let everything pass and trayicon dont work

Hi, anybody has an idea ?

I had first CFW4 (erverything on installation standard)+ AVG-Antivirus-free— everything works fine.
Than i switched to Avast-Virus-free5-- the Comodo-tray-icon shows no more traffic an i have 0 in/outgoing but internet works. -perhaps from avasts webfiltre ?
I deinstalled FW and Antivirus – reinstall only CFW5 everything in standard. CFW5 then found my network but no icon-animation and 0 in/outgoing trafic shown in comodo-window.
When i block in comodo the hole traffic, i can use internet, sidebar etc. – the traffic seems to go around the firewall not through the FW.
I use: Vista32 (all updates), Firefox, Wlan, standalone Laptop, no other sharings or networks

sorry for my english, i hope there are some bigbrains out there