ComodoDragon browser not rendering pictures

I really love ComodoDragon, and I started using it rather than Chrome but looks like I may have to switch back to Chrome. For some reason ComodoDragon isn’t rendering pictures in facebook. but Chrome will and so will any other browser, is there a way to update CD? & alos when I click on “about” I get an error.

Are you using SecureDNS in Dragon?

Another user has reported a similar issue.

I had the same issue and when I unchecked the Comodo DNS server option and cleared and flushed my cache it fixed it. Perhaps CD could have this bug fixed in the next release. :slight_smile:

If it is an issue with SecureDNS, it is not a bug in CD.

Secure DNS team is working on a solution…

I take that back. The issue was not fixed and it is not Secure DNS. I don’t use Secure DNS on my router, my computer, nor my CD browser. It is something else.

It should be working now, as stated in this post by dnsbrian.