ComodoBackUp_Setup_1.0.1.10 has been released

This is to inform all Comodo BackUp users that Comodo BackUp has been released.
It can be downloaded using following url:

Following are changes:

Issues Fixed:

  1. At times Comodo BackUp service application (CmdBkSvc.exe) was not installed, so service type of BackUp jobs may not be running as they are performed by service application. Now it is fixed.

  2. Uploading to FTP site should be working fine now.

  3. While restoring if you select “Only selected file” option, it will show only the files which were backed up for that job not all the files.

  4. At times CD drive could not be recognised, it should be fine now.

  5. While copying large volume of data like 3-4 GB with compress option selected, backup process used to abort halfway, it is working fine now.

  6. BackUp mode “Copy with deleting other than source files” is working fine with “Incremental BackUp” and "Full BackUp " options.

  7. Installshield related errors during installation will not be there as we have packed this version with our own custom installer. And we have also added an un-install option which can be accessed using “Start->All Programs->Comodo->LaunchPad->BackUp->Uninstall”

Additional Feature Added:

  1. If a user job is scheduled it will always run. Earlier if you define a scheduled user job, you had to keep Comodo BackUp application open to run it, now even if you close Comodo BackUp application it will be run, as all scheduled jobs whether user type or service type are run by Comodo BackUp service application.
    So if a user ‘A’ defines a scheduled user job ‘J’, whenever user ‘A’ is logged in that job will be run otherwise not. But service backups jobs always run for all users.

  2. While un-installing you will be prompted if you want to keep backup jobs, so that you don’t have to recreate them.


These changes are not available as update, you will have to download latest version.

Ahhhh, at last my issue has been addressed. I guess Comodo DOES listen to its consumers afterall. I was already beginning to give up hope on Comodo BackUp and was starting to have the thought that Comodo only encourages people to report a problem without fixing it. My faith towards Comodo is renewed. :smiley:

I will test the new version out and let you post my results later.

Yours truly,

Thanks umesh. Downloading now :wink:


I’m confused. I’ve installed, and I still have a problem that I had with the prior version. When I set it to start with Windows and to minimize while running, it starts with Windows but doesn’t minimize, so I have a Comodo backup window showing every time I boot up. If I eliminate the start with Windows option, will the backups still run as scheduled? Will synchronization still occur? And if I delete a file that was previously backup up, will it be deleted in the backup?


Hi mshpkh,
Hope you had an great day. Well when you select the option minimize while running, it minimizes to the tray untill u execute any from the COMODO backup list. If you eliminate the start with windows options also it executes the scheduled jobs.The synchronization will occur when you make some changes in the source folder and it will also occur still, No it will not be deleted.

Okay, I have tested out the new version and have a few comments on it. Hopefully Comodo will take it positively as they always did. :slight_smile:

My backup for a 1.5Gb file went well and I thank Comodo for that. Good job. Also, I can see that uninstall option in the Start Menu now and that is also very much welcomed.

However, I have noticed that Comodo BackUp does not allow users to back up files larger than 2Gb. I wonder why is that so? I thought that issue has been fixed, umesh. Am I right or am I missing out something here?

I think that is all for now. I will run a few back ups more and return with more comments, hopefully. :smiley:

Yours truly,

i still cant get the scheduler to run. i can choose any option and the backup wont auto run. i can run a manual back up and its fine.

I am unable to download Backup. I get a page cannot be displayed. Am I missing something? I have my activation code but cannot download it.

I don’t know why, it is working for me, I just downloaded it again to try. Have you checked your browser settings? Also, try going to and finding it there.


Now this is weird. I just tried again and no go. I will try other sites if available. Will let ya know what happens.

All other attempts fail as well. Shareup, Softpicks, Sharewareriver, Sototex, and brothersoft. No idea what is up.

Did this just start? Have you changed anything? Installed new software? What browser are you using?



I have been downloading programs all day since I have recently done a total restore. No problems with any programs. I am using IE6.

Well, my first suggestion and perhaps a simple one, delete temp files, cookies, clear history, etc…do a reboot and see if you can download. IE has done this to me as well, not often but this often cured it.


Paul, I just cleaned everything with EasyCleaner. Still I get the page cannot be displayed. I will try a different download to see if it works.

Ok, next step, right click your IE icon, choose properties, go to “Advanced” tab, click restore defaults, click apply \ok, then restart IE.


I just followed you suggestions. Still no go. I have sucessfully downloaded Snap Backup with no issues. I guess I have little choice than to go with another program.

Hi, it’s not unlikely that the ISP may be having issues currently. When mine goes down or has problems, I can’t log into certain sites, dowloads erratic, etc…perhaps try later or tomorrow?



I just wanted you to know that I was able to sucessfully able to download Comodo Backup. It is very hard for me at least to understand how to operate the program. I will study its operation.

The good news is, even thought I did not change anything, I was able to download your product.

I’ve installed the latest version of Comodo Backup v1.0.1.10 on TWO different PCs running WinXP and the backup scheduler STILL doesnt work on either installation.

I have confirmed that the Service state = Running.
In task manager both CmdBackup.exe and CmdBkSvc.exe are running.

I have tried setting a backup for Mon-Fri at a given time, when the time arrives NOTHING happens. I have tried setting it on a given day of a month. I have tried setting it to run every 1hour.

I have set it to be a Full back up and tried both User Backup and Service Backup. The backup job is Active. The scheduled backup simply wont start.

I have confirmed that the backup job works by using the Test option and also running it manually.

Any ideas?