comodo3 versus zone alarm pro 2007

what i would like to know is why doesn’t comodo add identity protection such as zone alarm pro has? i use zone alarm pro simply because i know personal details like my name, address, even my ip address, does not leave my computer without my knowledge or consent. comodo passes all the same leak tests as zone alarm pro, but it gives out my ip address on one of the tests, whereas zone alarm pro does not. if fact even sunbelt pf blocks this info too.

seems a shame that such a strong competitor such as comodo lacks this feature.

Yeah agreed

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I think both are strong products. However I believe ZA PRO offers more protection because of its antispyware and OS firewall. I also believe the inbound protection is better. (up for debate of course.) Yet both are fine soloutions.

Antispyware of ZA is…well…
ZA uses a lot of resources,hehehe.
Inbound protection, well, i have got much control with CFW.

hi , i used zone alarm pro
recently i installed comodo personnel firewall,
in za i can block sites which i dont want access by others like adult sites,porn site etc… , but in comodo i cant get that type feature , i dont know there is a feature about blocking the sites in comodo , if there is that feature plz tell me.

Are you using CFP3? If so, go to firewall/common tasks/my blocked network zones and you can list the sites you don’t want accessed.

The Help manual built in helps alot too :smiley:

Comodo Firewall 3 is alot more powerful then ZA Pro, IMO.

CPF3 also includes some Parental Settings to supress alerts etc. I used to be a ZA Pro user but it uses up so much of my system resources and now with CPF and Defense+ It’s far more advanced than ZA in my opinion.

The help will not open for me -Vista? in relation to ZA/Comodo I think that ZA is easier to configure programs for internet access. You can see if a given app can aces internet/act as server

PS Is there a problem with logging in here. I had to try several time and was sent back to the log in screen. Last night I gave up

right same here. i couldn’t open the help page from the UI it didn’t work. and the “support forum” button also didn’t work! when i clicked any of the 2 buttons, nothing happened. i had to type search “comodo forum” in my search page to find the forum!

i agree that ZA is much easier to use but comodo pro is more powerful of course. probably for novices who wouldn’t need too much control should use ZA 'cause comodo is a little confusing for a beginner.

i don’t hv problem with logging in though.

For Vista problem with accessing elements of CFP3, try turning off UAC and let us know if that fixes the problem.