Comodo3 and laggy video in PowerDVD

While using Comodo 3 my DVD files dont play smoothly at all in PDVD 7.3 deluxe…theres a lot of stuttering in the audio n video gets stuck at places…doesnt happen without the firewall…

other apps runnin in background-Avira,SRS Audio Sandbox,Spyware Terminator 2.1,

videos play fine with any other firewalls or in the absence of comodo…

Now i dont have a state of the art gfx card that meets all PDVD req but no major lags otherwise,

P4,2.26GHz,Win Xp SP2,512mb Ram,64mb Vid Ram,

version in use is…D+ i active too…switching D+ off doesnt help much either

We are currently on version

The version you have did have a few problems.

Try the latest one by doing a manual search for updates; and don’t forget to reboot afterwards for the changes to take effect.