I use comodo and malwarebytes they work together do you think is a good option?
Sorry bad english =P

sure, if it works well and fast on your system

but normally, if u use CIS, then u dont need malwarebytes :wink:

Hey! Thanks for responding so fast in the forum in Brazil normally takes a long time


Sorry bad english.

On my comp there no contradiction between them even when the Malwarebytes is in the trial mode (resident).

I had a problem using Comodo AV and Malwarebytes PRO… High RAM usage… Win7 x64…

I only use Malwarebytes for on-demand scan…

IMHO this is the best choice as anyway that’s too much to have the Malwarebytes in resident if you have CIS.

CIS and Malwarebytes Free (on demand only) work absolutely fine. The Pro version may give problems.