comodo/yahoo partnership issues re: yahoo being set as default endlessly.

all the forum answers by comodo team are so VERY unsatisfactory in regards to the issue of yahoo,both hereon forums,and with so called geekbuddy.

firstly when installing comodo browser(dragon) the FIRST thing i did was to REFUSE yahoo (it sucks and is too happy to be promoted by adware merchants.) and set defaults to google.
secomdlyi (now feel very STUPIDLY) uninstalled avast,and installed comodo security,and unchecked the button asking me to set yahoo.
and SUPRISE SUPRISE, i got yahoo anyhow. most attempts to fix, dont work.

yahoo keeps persistiing. and the replies in all of the forum postings regarding this are treating the users as if they have done something wrong,or are bombarding them with over technical fixes. WHAT A HASSLE!!!
no other user forum i have ever used is like this,with the exception of microsoft/windows.

secondly, the geekbuddy help is slow,and the “helpers” seem more interested in trying to get you to phone. do they think we are all rich?

thirdly,comodoantivirus acts almost like adware/malware in regards to yahoo promotion, ignoring your blocking exceptions,endlessly spamming on its won behalf (VERY IRRITATING,i dont want to spend all day at work watching them sell themselves, i want to WORK!),

after using firefox for many many years,and switching to comodo a day agototry it out,i am already sick of it,and uninstalling.
absolute rubbish
OH! and it does NOT live up the speed and security claims given on its website.
conclusion?-thanx but no thans. goodbye

Hi womble.dung,
Thank you for your feedback.
If you are willing to give Comodo another go, I think we may be able to help solve some of the issues that you were having.

Thank you.