Comodo won't let me view files...On my own web site!

Comodo says (where my files are and have been for years) is a phishing site. Well, no it’s not. Anyway I click disregard warning and it times out. How do I allow my site to be viewed?

I deleted Avast because I had money pouring out the window, from it blocking ebay, and now Comodo is blocking my own site. These programs really like to hit me where it hurts.


Please help, I’m freakn’ desperate! I have disabled Comodo and I still can’t access my site. One of them is

This program is killing me! Is there an uninstall file for Comodo?

It’s the secure DNS service that’s throwing up a warning about your site.

This page explains how to SET UP the service, but you could also use it to disable it.

set DNS to automatic, reboot and see if all is back to normal.

Thanks very much! That worked! What are the disadvantages of not using DNS?

Just my dumb luck that Sercure DNS would affect my site.

submit a support ticket here, select “comodo secure DNS” from the drop down box to get your website removed from the black list.

I learned a few things here concerning DNS.