Comodo won't let me do anything

Every time comodo starts either at start up or manually, i get an alert heade cfpres stating

Error 4: 0x570:failed to extract c:\users\user1\appdata\roaming\comodo\firewallpro\data\resfiles\prd_logo_16_16.ico

When i click ok it changes to say

ERROR:Error while extracting resources from c:\program files\comodo\firewall\cfpres.dll

I have tried uninstalling comodo and the same thing occurs. However, the cmdagent process is still running resulting in me having an apparently uncontrollable firewall

Sorry, forgot to add

OS - Vista Ultimate 64 SP1
CPU Phenom 9850
not sure which version of comodo


This Issue Has Been Solved Before,

Boot In Safe Mode And Run Revo Uninstaller In Advance Mode Then Re-Install Comodo
This Should SOlve Your Issue



I’ve just tried it, but comodo doesn’t appear on the list of programs to remove