Comodo won't discover hamachi network and Hamachi connection problem[Solved]

I was trying to play a game(Baldur’s Gate 1 EE) with my friends to day and ran into a problem with hamachi

when i join my friend game i immediately get kicked out,if i disable comodo firewall i can join just fine.

so i looked at the logs and for some reason its blocking the hamachi Ip’s under windows operating system,no alerts,just blocked.

here is the log with the ip’s blocked,those are hamachi ip’s from mine friends and mine.

Firewall Settings

Application Rules,hamachi and the game

Global Rules

i also noticed that hamachi is not detected under networks zones i even tried reinstalling hamachi and reboots too,comodo just won’t detect hamachi as a network zone,so don’t know if that is the cause or not

unfortunately my friends already left so testing will be very limited,however any help its appreciated

Simple, just disable block fragmented IP traffic under firewall settings. Whenever the firewall logs show blocked events with source and destination port being 0 it is fragmented IP packets being blocked.

I see!!Thankyou! is disabling fragmented ip filter be any risk??

also comodo not detecting hamachi network zone normal?

Not really it is only enabled because sending/receiving fragmented traffic is not usually common. I have only seen it with using network printers and in some cases with P2P applications like uTorrent.

also comodo not detecting hamachi network zone normal?
Yes because not every network adapter type will get the comodo firewall driver attached/installed on the adapter. You can check by opening the network adapter properties of hamachi and seeing if COMODO Internet Security firewall driver is listed and enabled with a check in the checkbox. If it is listed but not enabled, then you enable it by clicking in the checkbox, if it is not listed then the firewall driver is not compatible with the adapter.

Thanks very much for the help!

and just looked in the hamachi adpter,comodo driver checkbox is there and enabled

Probably because of all the blocked fragmented packets it wasn’t able to detect the network, so the next time you connect with hamachi it should detect the network connection.

i am afraid not,still won’t discover,i just played with my friends and everything worked ok,thankyou.

but comodo still won’t discover the hamachi network and i took a look in the logs again and noticed some blocks for the hamachi ip’s no destination 0 this time:

i didn’t noticed anything in game,everything was fine so i don’t know why these blocks on the port

can i add the hamachi network manually?will be or
on the ipconfig the hamachi mask is and gateway

Interesting that it won’t detect the network but yes you can add the network manually and it would be with subnet mask of

Thanks,what about those blocks?we played for about 3 hours no problems,i didn’t even noticed anything until i looked in the logs.was just those 4 blocked.

Anyway thanks very much for the help,how do i tag solved?manually and lock the topic?

the blocked events is normal with mulitplayer games that use UDP to communicate on. When you exit the game or disconnect from the game server, the game server will still send game world updates because it doesn’t know right away that the client has disconnected.