comodo won't dedect sniffing at all

I just tried the android app “facesniff” on my own facebook account (with https disabled) and figured out that comodo isn’t telling me anything about getting sniffed. I also checked the ARP settings in comodo firewall. So comodo doesnt give an protection against sniffing? Only a VPN would help? Comodo wont even show a pop up about some other ip trying to do something with my packets?


I’m not sure why you think it would… or could. After all, packet sniffing is a passive process (although getting it in-place is anything but). Manipulating the packets by MAC spoofing (for your APRs I assume) or something else… now that is different, CIS can detect that.

hmm okay… well i have another sniffing related question… less comodo related tho.

Can i somehow encrypt the login of thunderbird? I once tried it (1 year ago) and could easily sniff mail logins/passwords. I´m using thunderbird with gmail. Or should i maybe use some other client? Just googled for that “Becky” client in your signature :stuck_out_tongue:


@edit: well thunderbird uses ssl for gmail… but as far as i know, this is sniffable too (atleast facebook with ssl works).

I’m sorry, I don’t know much about TB (other than what it is). You’ll need to wait for answer on that from someone that knows TB.

Becky? I do love Becky… been using it since 1997. But, it’s not free I’m afraid.

well… how secure is becky? is it using ssl only for encrypting the login/pw ? or is it more secure?

Becky supports the usual SSL (TLS 1.0, SSL 2.0/3.0), with or without Certificates, via POP3S/SMTPS with Standard/APOP/CRAM-MD5/NTLM authentication.