Comodo won't allow install of Spyware Doctor components

When trying to install a purchased copy of Spyware Doctor , the install is interrupted by a Comodo warning. The warning states that Spyware Doctor has a virsus called Heur.Pck.MEW and is a part of Spyware Doctor’s 'is-SAOLD.temp which itself is part of 'PCTools Components.bpl ". I am re-installing SpyDoc and perhaps this is part of the old quarnatine folder but I don’t know.

Any advice on what this is and if I should allow Spyware Doctor to keep installing?

Since I’ve updated my Comodo it keeps finding several things in Spyware Doctor and seeing them as threats after a virus scan. All are seen as malware, Heur.Pck.MEW. I’d like some help with this as well

The Heuristics component of CIS is at least a bit enthusiastic. I have seen another report where .bpl files get flagged as well.

Try lowering the Heuristics level and see if that helps. Or add *.bpl to Exclusions.

report this as a FP.