Comodo won't allow desktop to reconnect to router/internet out of sleep

comodo won’t allow my desktop to reconnect coming out of sleep or if there is a temperary interuption of the connection. I had to set the security level to allow all and repair the connection. This has only start in the last few weeks. I have been using it for 5 months and didn’t have this problem. Can anyone give me any insights?

I think I can confirmed that. I’ve only had my computer in sleep mode once since I installed Comodo so I wasn’t sure this was the cause. I think the Comodo Firewall isn’t the best solution for nonstatic IP addresses. Lot of tinkering to get it to work, but I’m gonna stick with it a little while longer to test it.

I had the same problem, worse: I even needed a full reboot after coming out of sleep or stand by. But with the help of Comodo I discovered my configuration wasn’t right.

The easy solution (which worked for me) was provided by a video tutorial on basic installation:

(It has to be said that I had to uninstall and reinstall CPF in order to get this solution working)

If you want a more indepth explanation or if you want to configure CPF’s network control rules manually you have to look in the forums:,1125.0.html (comprehensive guide on understanding and creating network control rules),1102.0.html (guide on reading the network control rules)

Hopefully it will work for you too
If not: you’d better contact Comodo than me :wink: