Comodo without Defense+ performs very bad , in Comodo leakest

i have ran the comodo leakest , i have no defense + enabled , because i just need a firewall.

and it had only 30/340 score.

how come ?

i have the network in trusted zone , my own network in the home that i live.
because ofcourse i share my internet in the router

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Pinda!

You obvisely misunderstood that meaning of Comodo leaktest tool… You are meant to have d+ on and not off. Firewall is there to control the network activity and not which program may run or not. (I hope I didn’t sound rude. And if I did I apologize)

I suggest you re-do it and see what you get.

Valentin N

No you was not rude , advice is always good.

And i thought just the firewall would perform well too , Comodo failed the Gibson research test too , and PC Flank test too , but that is without Defense +.

I installed Comodo Internet Security now , and it got 340/340 , so that’s good.
But weird thing is , on the laptop it scored 30/340 , and on my computer it scored higher with defense+ off.

But yea , i have CIS installed now.

I just add my programs what i use much in trusted vendors so it wont give that much pop-ups.

But on the laptop , i have only the firewall , still good protected right without defense + ?

You don’t need D+ installed to pass any of the pcflank or shields-up tests. Do you have a router?